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Apply Concepts to an Actual Real Estate Projects

Personal Onsite Training

Instead of attending a hotel ballroom seminar to hear generalized concepts, learn from someone actually doing deals in the local market! You will acquire actionable processes and steps to apply to your real estate investing venture.

Attend a Savvy Wealth Builder Event at a local Fix & Flip property to learn the acquisition, numbers, evaluation, disposition strategy and the fundamentals of real estate investing. New to Real Estate? That’s awesome! Come network with seasoned professionals.


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Our Onsite Events will Cover:

Fix & Flip Rehab Checklist

  • What is a Scope Of Work? A scope of work is an essential document that lists the projects to be completed on a rehab property in careful detail. The “house flipping checklist” assists the investor in communicating to contractors exactly what needs to be done and how.


    The best way to succeed as a real estate investor is to mind your due diligence before getting started in any deal. You must draft your business plan, find the perfect contractor, and learn how to market the finished property. Estimating the repairs for a given property takes experience, expertise and a checklist.

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