The Journey to Financial

Freedom Event

The Savvy Wealth Summit

Join our CEO, the Savvy Power team, and other goal oriented real estate investors for this Powerful Weekend. This will be an event like no other!

At Savvy Wealth our goal is to become a valued partner to investors by providing options for companies and individuals to connect with one another in their efforts to share information, deals, and foster relationships that fuel efforts to reach your target goals.

What will the Wealth Summit Do For You?

Provide Revenue Opportunities to Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Avenues for Passive Cashflow

Locate & Research Investments

Evaluate Profitability & Risks

Learn How To Build Your Real Estate Portfolio

No Cash, No Banks Strategies

Savvy Concepts & Strategies

Real Estate Goals

Sessions Include:

Real Estate Strategies

Sessions Include:

Real Estate Essentials

Sessions Include:

Building Wealth Strategies

Sessions Include:

Is This Course For You - FAQs?

Our Strategic Sessions can Assist You in taking Your Investments to the Next Level

Do I need a License?

No. A real estate investor does not require a license, like a real estate agent or broker. Investors are average everyday working people looking to gain passive income.

Is This the Right Course for Me?

This course is for the person looking to increase their income, while continuing to work fulltime or potential investors. It is also for the beginners, novice, seasoned and anyone looking to improve their current financial status. The course will provide the foundation to invest at your own pace.

Do I Need Much Money to Start Investing?

With all the various areas of real estate regardless of your financial circumstances you can start your journey to financial freedom with as little as $500.

Is This Event for Beginners?

Yes. This Building Weatlh Event is for beginners, novice, full-time 9-5ers, and anyone looking to improve their current financial status. The Event will instruct you from start to finish the steps to become an successful investor.

What will I Gain from Attending this Event?

We will provide the knowledge and foundation necessary to be a successful real estate investor. Our framework provides the key pieces, to save you time and effort in locating properties, market areas and deals relevant to your goals.

Can the Coursework from this Event be applied to Any State?

The material covered can be applied to any market, in any state. Although, all states have different laws and provisions the basic foundation and practices will be the same. While some markets may be better for specific types of investments and others for wholesaling or only rentals. This event will assist you in identifying prime market areas to invest all over the country. Note, anyone in the World can invest and purchase properties in the United States, and we will show you how.

Is Good Credit Necessary to Invest in Real Estate?

No. Your Credit Score is not necessary in every real estate transaction. There are some transactions such as wholesaling, self funded, and hard money deals, where you may utilize your own or someone elses funds. However, there are other niche areas that may require lender funding.

The Instructors at The Event

Our Team of Experts will Instruct You Step-By-Step on Your Journey to Success

Clara Smith, MS, LCRE

Tax Liens & Deeds

Randy Brown


Brad Bryant, MBA


B. Ware

Fix & Flips

Ken Silbert

Loans/Hard Money

Jennifer Smith

Loans (Conventional, FHA,VA)

Roda King


Kim Staurt, JD

Real Estate Law

Paula Bryan

Credit Repair


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