Wealth Resources

Resources to learn more about Real Estate and become Financially Savvy

Guides & eBooks

Real Estate 101 Terminology

The knowledge, practices and real estate terms and lingo necessary to work in the industry.

Fix and Flip Guide

The Key Components to flipping homes and unlocking the secrets to Maximizing your Profits.

Tax Liens & Tax Deeds

How to Earn High Rates of Returns with Reduced Risk from Tax Deeds and Liens.

Managing Rental Properties

The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Manage Properties, Renters and Maximize Earnings.

Invest in Real Estate

Buy Low, to Maximize Profits. How to Build Wealth from Purchasing Properties for as little as $20k.


The Professionals Guidance to Find and Wholesale Properties.

Personal Credit Builder

Learn the fundamentals to dispute, monitor and raise your Credit Score.

Business Credit Builder

Mastering the step by step process to start, build and substain Business Credit.